Informed Storytelling

"Everyone has a story to tell. Because Janet is genuinely interested in what moves each person to pursue their passion, her subjects respond positively to her. That response is reflected in her stories, which are carefully researched and thorough, yet sensitive—a somewhat rare combination."

Gretchen Piston Ogden Former Managing Editor Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors


Enough already. Between politics and summer heat, we can all use a break. But where to go this vacation season?

As much as I enjoy travelling abroad, there’s something especially satisfying about discovering–and rediscovering–places in our own backyard. In North America, is where I mean. So for your enjoyment, a few suggestions:

On Cape Cod, consider art, serene gardens and trails or a cooking class and more at Highfield Hall & Gardens (Boston Globe)

Or maybe birding on the coast of Maine, Beyond Backyard Birding (part 2) Beginner Birding (Maine Boats, Home & Harbors)

Or farther afield in Nova Scotia, a city with close ties to my home in Boston:
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Shaped by history, its harbor and hipsters (Halifax Magazine)

And while you’re outside your usual mindset, if you share my love of our national parks and are thinking about the…ahem…future, consider this: In a national park for eternity (Boston Globe).

I’m honored! The International Regional Magazine Association’s 2015 Gold Award for History Writing went to my feature Rock Rest: Pre-Civil Rights Vacation Destination (Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors). Thank you, IRMA and MBH&H!

Speaking of Maine… Maine’s Museums:  Art, Oddities & Artifacts , is a fun read about plenty of places that will make your trip to the Pine Tree State even better. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and through your favorite independent bookstore.